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Hi! I’m Karen Lindwall-Bourg, Founder of and Counseling Supervisor at RHEMA Counseling Associates, and I want to extend you a warm welcome to the RHEMA website!

Biblical Counseling

I would like to congratulate you for taking the time to learn more about Biblical Counseling, and for considering RHEMA as your companion on your journey of inspiration and insight.


A RHEMA is a Greek term that means word.  It represents the spoken Word in the Bible.  Receiving a rhema includes an inspired, sort of “ah-ha” and serendipitous moment or understanding given to us as we read God’s Word or receive wise counsel.” I invite you to learn about my journey and how I was led to Biblical Counseling to save my family.


Our Associates

Our Associates offer professional and lay-counseling, life and business coaching, and consulting, and state approved supervision with a focus on a Biblical perspective on life’s problems and toward solutions that please God and change hearts. We work collaboratively as a team and have a collective 77+ years of experience working with traumatized and grieving families and individuals and a collective 65+ years of Pastoral Care experience.


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Seek Inspiration and Insight!

Karen Lindwall-Bourg biblical counselor