Biblical Counselors at RHEMA

RHEMA Counseling Associates is a collaborative team of biblical counselors and coaches ranging from Bachelors level Lay Counselor, to Masters level Pastoral Counselors, to Masters level Licensed Counselor, to PhD level Pastoral Counselor, to PhD level Licensed Counselor.

We offer Biblical Counseling and Coaching, which means our approach is based on God (logos) and God’s Word (rhema), believing that He is perfectly revealed in the person of Jesus Christ as we seek Him for solutions to life’s problems.

With a collective 77+ years of working with traumatized and grieving families and individuals, and a collective 65+ years of Pastoral Care experience, we work together to influence change. We work collaboratively outside the office as well with family, Pastors, Psychiatrists, Medical Doctors, School Principals and Counselors, and Legal Teams.

We also have a purity resource associate, and a nutrition and personal fitness trainer who approaches things from a Biblical view.

We are available to speak at your local events.

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Karen Lyon Lindwall-Bourg - Biblical counselor Mc

Karen Lindwall-Bourg, MA, LPC-S, FT

Karen’s strengths are:

Learner, Belief, Connectedness, Intellection & Input

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Speaking Topics include:

  1. 3 Steps to Receiving and Imparting Direction (Rhemas) from the Lord in Counseling (Insightful Journey Solutions)
  2. 12 Principles for Building a Business God’s Way! (Building Inspired Businesses)
  3. 7 Biblical Communication TOOLS for Couples & Families (Biblical Counseling Tools)
  4. 7 Steps to Healing through Griefs by Reconciling Mourning (Reconciling Grief & Mourning)
  5. Dear Minister, Let us Care for You too! (Ministering to Ministers)





RHEMA Rickey Hargrave - Biblical Counselor

Dr. Rickey Hargrave, D.Div.

Rickey’s strengths are:

Clear Communication of Biblical Concepts, Bringing Comfort in times of Crisis.

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Speaking Topics include:

  1. The Value of Pre-Marital Counseling
  2. The Path to a ‘One Flesh’ Covenant Marriage
  3. Seven Words toward a Well-Built Marriage
  4. Seven Steps to a Lasting Love
  5. Benefits of Being Married for the Successful Husband

RHEMA Audrey Werner - Biblical Counselor

Audrey Werner, RN, BSN

Audrey’s strengths are:

Unwavering Faith, an Ability to See and Communicate the WHOLE Picture, and a HEART for Purity in our Nation

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Speaking Topics include:

  1. And They No Longer Know How To Blush – General Audience
  2. A Culture On The Brink – Can This Christian Nation Be Saved? – General audience.
  3. Social Virtue & Purity:  A National Security Issue- Young adults/teens and parents.
  4. Living in Deborah Times:  How Women Can Influence The Culture – Women’s groups.
  5. How To Restore Purity In The Church – an all-day seminar for Faith leaders.

RHEMA Biblical Counseling - Daniel Stein
Daniel Stein, NFPT Certified Personal Trainer

Metanoia Fitness, LLC

Daniel’s Strengths are:

Restorative, Harmony, Adaptability, Relator, Woo

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Speaking Topics include:

  1. God’s Weight Loss System
  2. Renewing your Mouth to Enjoy Foods you were created for
  3. Overcoming Food Addictions



Julie A. Parton, M.Ed., Ph.D.


Julie’s Strengths are:

Context, Input, Learner, Intellection, and Activator

(The first 4 all fall under the category heading Strategic Thinking!  The last one under Influencing.)


Julie’s Speaking Topics are:

  • Understanding the Whole Woman – Body, Soul, and Spirit
  • Dealing with Pregnancy Loss – Or Helping Others Do So
  • Seasons of a Woman’s Life: You CAN “Have It All!”
  • Esther: A Woman of Courage
  • The Insidious Effects of Sexual Abuse
  • Heart Problems: “As a [Wo]man thinketh in [her] heart . . . .”

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