RHEMA Counseling Associates

RHEMA Christian Counseling Associates is a  team of counselors. We work together as a team to provide helpful and effective solutions for you and your family. Our team ranges from bachelors to doctorate level counselors.

  • Bachelors level Lay Counselors
  • Masters level Pastoral Counselors
  • Masters level Licensed Counselor
  • PhD level Pastoral Counselor
  • PhD level Licensed Counselor

Christian Counseling

We offer (Biblical) Christian Counseling. Rhema is a Greek word which means God’s word. We picked this name because it supports our Christian counseling approach. This means our approach is based on God (logos) and God’s Word. We believe that He is perfectly revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. We believe as we seek Him, He will provide solutions to life’s problems. As Christian counselors we assist you in the journey.

Our Logo

RHEMA logo, christian counselingOur Associates

We work together to influence change utilizing our collective 77+ years of working with traumatized and grieving families and individuals, and a collective 65+ years of Pastoral Care experience. We work collaboratively outside the office as well with family, pastors, psychiatrists, medical doctors, school principals and counselors, and legal teams.

Our team includes a purity resource associate as well as a, nutrition and personal fitness trainer who both approach things from the christian worldview.