Karen Lindwall-Bourg Biblical Counselor

Karen Lindwall-Bourg is an inspired writer, speaker, Biblical Counselor, coach, and consultant & State approved LPC supervisor leading families, couples, and individuals who are overwhelmed or grieved by life’s demands toward inspired and insightful solutions based on the Word of God (rhema) that glorify and honor the Lord along life’s journey.

Founder of RHEMA Counseling Associates

Karen was inspired to found RHEMA Counseling because of her struggles to find accessible, reliable counseling based on the Word of God while going through a family crisis years ago. Her first experience with Biblical Counseling was disappointing, as her family did not experience the lasting heart change they so deeply desired. When they found themselves in the midst of the same trial 2 years later, Karen was on her way to becoming a Biblically-Focused Counselor and became acquainted with the sound principles and tools she and her counselors at RHEMA are committed to teach families and individuals in the DFW area.

Inspired Perspective

Karen is respected by both clients and colleagues, because of her inspired perspective of healing through the sacred lens of Scripture and her deep level of dedication. Karen is most known for her attentive, compassionate, caring nature and genuine smile.

Flexible Options

Because of the peace she and her family found through Biblical Counseling, Karen is deeply concerned that most families will delay seeking help until conflicts have escalated to a point of seeming hopelessness. To avoid this issue, she has implemented a flexible fee structure, offering lower fees for those who pay online in advance, and even discounted packaged sessions to make Biblical Counseling more affordable.

RHEMA Associates

All RHEMA counselors and coaches strive to equip families and individuals with tools they can use for years to come, and use practical approaches including guided assignments between counseling sessions to enhance and accelerate the process, which assures lasting results, while keeping it cost effective.

Family Life

Karen lives with her husband, Fred, in north central Texas and spends as much time as possible with their six children, five grandchildren, extended family, and a menagerie of ranch animals, including Great Pyrenees dogs which are called Gentle Giants, and peacocks.

Karen loves to study and to read, and she considers herself a Christian who has grown because of who God is and because of the influence of so many others in her life, and one who is dedicated to family and to growing and serving in such a way that God is glorified and honored in all they do.


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