Strength for the Journey by Karen Lyon Lindwall-Bourg

Strength for the Journey book

A Supportive Resource for Facilitators, Educators, Counselors and Families The experience of grief and mourning comes in many forms and with multiple challenges, every one with uncertainties, illnesses, accidents, deaths – all unwelcome changes – accompanied by the loss of our dreams and hopes.

When someone we love dies we are left stunned and unprepared for life without them. We seek solace from the pain and a way to learn to breathe again as a family as we cope with a life without our loved ones one awful day at a time. Hopefully, in time we reconcile this loss as a part of our lives and may even begin to adopt… See more on

Rock Bottom is a Beautiful Place by Diane Cunningham, featuring Karen Lyon Lindwall-Bourg

Rock Bottom is a Beautiful Place book

Diane Cunningham found herself at the bottom of a hopeless pit, familiar with the rocks and boulders that surrounded her… addiction, insecurities, fears and loss. It was when she looked up from the bottom that she found the God who heals, saves and loves.

As she began telling about her rock bottom experience, she encountered more and more women who had also suffered rock bottom experiences. The concept of Rock Bottom Is A Beautiful Place was born.

These are the stories of twenty-eight women from all walks of life. Their stories illustrate… See more on

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