Creativity – From Failure to Success

Creativity – from failure to success. “An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.” –Dr. Edwin Land – Failure is an essential part of success, as well as a fundamental aspect of creativity.   Creativity – From … Continue reading

Firm Foundations – What Kind of Leader Are You?

As a firm foundations leader and entrepreneur in the business world you set the tone. You set the atmosphere of the people you do business with. Even when you are a one person operation you can still have a company … Continue reading

5 Attributes of a Healthy Ministry

Healthy Ministry? What’s that? As Christian entrepreneurs, we want to grow a healthy ministry, and to minister well and in ways that please the Lord. Here are 5 attributes of a God-centered ministry and mission. 5 Attributes of a Healthy … Continue reading

Conflict Resolution – Be Reconciled!

Conflict ResolutionConflict Resolution – Be Reconciled! Conflict is inevitable, but resolvable. Conflict resolution and the joy of reconciliation takes commitment, skill, and lots of grace!  “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” Matthew 5:9   Conflict … Continue reading

RHEMA – Who We Are & What We Do!

RHEMA logoCan you tell others who need to know who you are and what you do in a concise 30-second “commercial”? What’s your “brand”? At Rhema, we are… and we do… RHEMA – Who We Are & What We Do! RHEMA … Continue reading


THINK Business HEALTHYThink business healthy – read our newest book – Wellness: The Awareness of the Whole Individual. And we realized, your business can be well or healthy too! Having a healthy business can be approached using the seven domains of wellness: consider … Continue reading

Starting Over for Entrepreneurs

Starting OverStarting Over for Entrepreneurs Starting over in 2016 means meeting with family and your team and your business coach and mapping out your goals and dreams for 2016. “Don’t You Just Love New Year’s …you get to start all over!” … Continue reading

3 Major Benefits of Self Care for Entrepreneurs

Benefis of Self Care3 Major Benefits of Self Care   Self-care is not just a current buzzword. It is also not something to be ignored or brushed off for only a ‘certain’ type of person. Self-care means taking care of yourself. It is … Continue reading