Let’s At Least Talk About Talking About It!

Communicating in relationships is a skill which consistently needs practice and improvement. Communication is always a hot topic at Rhema Christian Counseling. 

We (Karen and Grace) were pleased to present at the 

Building a Love Relationship That Lasts a Lifetime 

(Tools to Recapture the Zest in Your Marriage)

April 9, 2016 Spring Couples Retreat – Dallas, TX

Karen’s Notes and Handouts:

Intimate Communication:

Sharing Our Hearts Rather than Just Exchanging Words


Speaking Redemptively Article from the Journal of Biblical Counseling.

10 Questions of a Courageous Conversation – We love this tool and use it often with couples in our Biblical Counseling Offices at RHEMA Counseling Associates. Oftentimes, if a couple is in some distress, they do need to go through this insightful tool with a pastoral or professional counselor’s help.

Communicating about INTIMACY!

LOVE Assessment & Application RHEMA 2014


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Grace’s Notes and Handouts: