ETHICS Continued Education for Helping Professionals

Everyday in our professions we encounter situations that can be ethically gray. It is important to stay up-to-date on professional ethics to keep your practice within the limits of the law as well as serving your clients with excellence. 

3 CEUs (Continued Education Units) available

Don’t forget! You have to keep up on your education every year. It never hurts to refresh your ethics continuing education units.

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RHEMA Counseling Associates and the

Helping Professionals Alliance Network


Dr. Michael Flynn, J.D., Ph.D.


Tuesday May 26, 2015 @ 1:30-4:30pm


3420 Eldorado Parkway, Suite, McKinney, TX 75070


214-491-1991 (Karen)



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After 27 years in independent practice as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Flynn became licensed as an attorney, as well, in 2008. Since the middle 1980’s, in addition to the general practice of psychotherapy with adults, Dr. Flynn conducted psychological evaluations and expert testimony for litigants, defendants, and agencies in matters of disputed custody, criminal defense and competency, personal injury, employment disputes and testamentary capacity.

Since becoming a lawyer in 2008, Dr. Flynn has practiced law and psychology in the Dallas-Fort-Worth Metroplex. For the past few years Dr. Flynn has represented mental health professionals in across a spectrum of legal matters including licensing board complaints, handing subpoenas and depositions, business issues, and a variety of legal concerns specific to mental health practice. Dr. Flynn also continues to represent clients in matters of general family law.

Dr. Flynn received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University in 1970, his Master of Science degree and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of North Texas in 1980, and his Juris Doctorate from Texas Wesleyan University School of Law in 2007. He has taught abnormal psychology, human development, and personality theory at The University of North Texas, Texas Woman’s University, and Holy Family College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He frequently offers continued education on the topic of ethics.

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