Dear Pastor, We can help!

Every day you see people who are hurting and wonder who can help. Often times, we at RHEMA Counseling Associates can help!

We are so grateful for your special care of our community, and we know your time is consumed with the myriad needs of its members. We want to be a valuable resource for you and your congregants so you can fulfill your purpose and calling.

Dear Pastor, like you,

  • We are called to walk alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ during various trials
  • We desire first to point them to the Redeemer, Jesus Christ
  • We are called to help them find Biblical solutions to life’s problems and want to address mental health issues in a way that treats the whole person (body, soul, & spirit) See our new book – Wellness: The Awareness of the Whole Individual
  • We encourage membership and study at a local Christian Church

Dear Pastor, in addition,

  • We are specially trained in Biblical, Pastoral, and/or Professional Counseling
  • We have over 88 collective years of experience working with grieving and traumatized families
  • We have over 77 years of experience working in Pastoral Care Ministries
  • We offer Biblical Counseling Training & TX LPC Supervision
  • We have an extensive Speaker’s Bureau that is available to you and your small groups on the top 10 issues Christian families are facing today
    • Balance of Busyness and Simplifying Stress in Family, School & Work
    • Communicating Courageously
    • Conflict Resolution – Collaboratively Reconciled!
    • Depression Decreased, Anxiety Alleviated, & Panic Pacified!
    • Entrepreneur Encouragements
    • Grief Beliefs & Trauma
    • Holy or Happy? Marital  Strife, Separation, Divorce & Remarriage and Blending of New Families
    • Intimacy and Infidelity Issues
    • Parenting with Purpose
    • Wellness: The Awareness of the Whole Individual


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Contact us at 214-491-1991  – here you can connect to us on Social Media.

And we’d love to call or meet to answer any questions you might have! 

“The power under the Constitution will always be with the people.” George Washington, 1787


Karen Lindwall-BOURG, MA, LPC, FT

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