Grace Edoho-ukwa, MA, LPC

Phone: 469-867-9800

Grace Edoho - ukwa-MA-LPC - Biblical Counselor


Connectedness, Belief, Responsibility, Relator, Developer

Speaking Topics include:

  1. Love – The BOND of Perfection (the Glue that Holds Everything Together)
  2. Compassionate Care – Holding the Family Together in Crises
  3. Caring for the Caregiver
  4. Multi-Cultural Challenges and Uniqueness
  5. God’s Plan for Your Career



Grace Edoho-Ukwa completed her Masters of Art degree in Counseling at Dallas Baptist University. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) at RHEMA. She works with children, adolescents and adults in individual, couple, family and group therapy for various life challenges. Grace leads Caregiving Groups, Marriage Groups and Groups for teenagers.

     Multicultural Focus

She offers a multicultural focus while working with families across generations through various stages of acculturation and assimilation while fully preserving the precious strengths and stories of their heritage. She strives to bring stability in families by empowering members to function effectively in all dimensions of wellness.

     Compassionate Care Services

Grace is the owner of Compassionate Care Services, a non-medical, long-term care provider. She has great passion for working with families facing health and aging challenges and transitions to lighten and clarify what can sometimes be a confusing journey. She works with the care-receivers and their family members to normalize the effect of these transitions in their relationship and with care-givers to maintain their wellness by balancing the personal demands of daily living with caring for their loved ones.


Grace has served as Children’s Minister in The Apostolic Church Dallas Assembly since 1998 and has enjoyed working with families toward harmony and peace at home, and toward security in public environments based on their developmental needs.

     Life Change

She believes true change comes from a relationship with Christ and the need to conform to His image and effective therapy can be achieved through cooperation and collaboration between the family (client) and therapist. Her goal in therapy goes beyond relieving symptoms to a fully functioning person.


Grace is happily married to Anietie (Ani) Edohoukwa and God has blessed them with two wonderful children.