RHEMA Grief Support Center

Allow us to be your companion on your journey through grief and mourning toward insight and inspiration!

The Grief Support Center at RHEMA Counseling has many experienced professionals. Associates have a collective 77+ years of working with traumatized and grieving families and individuals.

We offer:


  • Individual
  • Couple
  • Family

Grief Support Groups for Adults

All Counseling and Groups are based on Biblical Counseling Principles. This Christian grief support helps those grieving by applying truths found in the Word of God. We help support you in your grief in practical and healing ways. 

Continuing/Open Group Topics include:

  • Their Story
  • Your Story
  • Tasks of Mourning
  • Reconciling Loss
  • Dimension of Grief and Wellness
    • BELIEFS = Body, Emotions, Livelihood, Intellect, Environment, Family/Friends, Spiritual/Soul
  • Saying “Hullo” Again
  • Your New Story
  • Paying it Forwardleaf with raindrop, grief support center

Grief Support Group for TEENS/Young Adults

We also offer grief support that is specifically tailored to the needs and issues of teens and young adults. The same Biblical and Christian counseling principles are learned during the recovery process. 

13 week Group Topics include:

  1. How Many Sundays?
  2. Three Left Turns = One Right
  3. Family Uniqueness
  4. Music Heals the Broken Heart
  5. And THEN What Happened?
  6. Our Best Day
  7. Things Left Unsaid
  8. The Funeral
  9. Laughter
  10. The BOULDER
  11. Sacrifices
  12. New Opportunities
  13. Gifts and Dreams

Families with children needing support groups are referred to the following local grief support groups:

Search for groups for children in your are by visiting The Dougy Center. These are trusted resources to work with your younger children and the family as a whole. 

Journey of Hope Grief Support Center Inc.

3900 West 15th St Ste 306
PO Box 941369
Plano, Texas 75075

p: (972) 964-1600
f: (972) 964-1602

*Dallas Kids GriefWorks

Christian Services
6320 LBJ Freeway Suite 121
Dallas, Texas 75240

p: (972) 960-9981
p: (800) 375-2229
f: (972) 960-0062

*The Warm Place

809 Lipscomb St
Fort Worth, Texas 76104

p: (817) 870-2272

Camp El Tesoro de la Vida

First Texas Council of Camp Fire
2700 Meacham Blvd
Fort Worth, Texas 76137-4699

p: (817) 831-2111 ext.158
f: (817) 831-5070

Camp Sol

2904 Floyd Street Suite D3
Dallas, Texas 75204

p: (214) 442-1664



Grief Resolution

Strength for the Journey: Help for the Whole Family in the Shadow of Grief and Mourning, grief support center

$9.99 Amazon Kindle Edition

$14.99 at RHEMA  btn_buynowCC_LG.248192009_std

Help for the Whole Family in the Shadow of Grief and Mourning – A Supportive Resource for Facilitators, Educators, Counselors and Families

The experience of grief and mourning comes in many forms and with multiple challenges, every one with uncertainties, illnesses, accidents, deaths – all unwelcome changes – accompanied by the loss of our dreams and hopes.

When someone we love dies we are left stunned and unprepared for life without them. We seek solace from the pain and a way to learn to breathe again as a family as we cope with a life without our loved ones one awful day at a time. Hopefully, in time we reconcile this loss as a part of our lives and may even begin to adopt a mission to help others as we were helped through this journey of reconciling grief and mourning.

Too often, families crumble and dissolve under the weights of grief and mourning. By offering those in your family opportunities to grieve their losses and acknowledge the reality and pain that accompanies those griefs, you give them tools and strategies to cope with the ongoing struggles that are a natural part of everyone s life.

Please join us as we attempt to provide tools (explanations, tasks of mourning, permission to re-connect and re-member your loved one, stories, developmental helps, parenting guides, family strengths and healing strategies, journaling and memorial suggestions, and book recommendations) that will pull your family together and pool your resources on this journey of hope and reconciliation.