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Helping Professionals Alliance Beginnings:

Helping Professionals AllianceAt RHEMA Counseling Associates, we began working with a Business Coach in October and set records as early as January, again in April, and in June & July & August!  Even before we knew we would experience this welcome pattern of growth, we started sharing what we learned in a small and local group – the Helping Professionals Alliance.

One of the first lessons we shared was how we were using Facebook and other Social Media venues to promote our counseling services.  We began to coach a team of entrepreneurs in Atlanta on the use of Facebook as they grew their business.  Their parent company praised them for their development of their Fan Pages and promised to use them as examples for other

Helping Professionals Alliance Purpose:

The Helping Professionals Alliance mission is to honor the Lord as we lead each other toward inspired growth through ministry.  We want to be your business and ministry companion on your journey of insight and inspiration!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
    and do not lean on your own understanding.  Proverbs 3:5 (ESV)

Helping Professionals Alliance Offerings:

Helping Professionals Alliance is Endorsed by:

“Karen is an excellent business coach whose experience and personal knowledge of business and use of social media to create success is only surpassed by her listening skills. She cares about your business – your goals are first, foremost, primary, the center of her attention. She sets high goals for you and not only expects you to reach them, she encourages you along the way. She is ‘hard’ in that sense, but simply expects us to mirror the excellence in our work that she demonstrates in her own. We began our FaceBook presence under Karen’s tutelage and 24 hours later were advised by a $6B company that it would be the model for all future FaceBook endeavors! To truly educate is not to simply inform, but to draw proper understandings and applications of that information out of the other person. In that sense Karen has a unique and special gift of educating. Whatever your endeavor, you will be hard-pressed to find a business coach of higher integrity and skill. Karen, you ‘rock’!”

–   Gary Brittain, Atlanta