Biblical Counselors at RHEMA

Meet our Associates!  RHEMA Counseling Associates is a collaborative team of biblical counselors, christian counselors and coaches ranging from Bachelors level Lay Counselors, to Practicum Students pursuing their Masters in Counseling, to Masters level Pastoral Counselors, to Masters Level LPC-Interns fulfilling TX state required hours under LPC-Supervision, to Masters level Licensed Counselors, to PhD level Pastoral Counselor, and PhD level Licensed Counselor.

We offer Biblical Counseling and Coaching, which means our approach is based on God (logos) and God’s Word (rhema), believing that He is perfectly revealed in the person of Jesus Christ as we seek Him for solutions to life’s problems.

With a collective 88+ years of working with traumatized and grieving families and individuals, and a collective 74+ years of Pastoral Care experience, we work together to influence change. We work collaboratively outside the office when desired as well with extended family, Pastors, Psychiatrists, Medical Doctors, School Principals and Counselors, and Legal Teams.

We also have a purity resource associate, and a nutrition and personal fitness trainer who approach things from a Biblical view.

We are available to speak at your local events.

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Meet Our Associates

LICENSED Counselors & Interns
Karen Lindwall-Bourg (LPC-Supervisor, Founder, Counseling Supervisor) 214-491-1991

Grace Edoho-ukwa (LPC, Practicum Student Director, Sand Tray/Play Therapy Counselor) 469-867-9800

Cole Dawkins (LPC-Intern under Karen’s Supervision) 469-383-9422

Mike Weeks (pending LPC-Intern under Karen’s Supervision) 214-450-2025
Practicum Students
Stephanie Zapata (Student under Grace’s Direction) 214-784-0154

LoriBeth Brown (Student under Grace’s Direction) 214-735-5373

Pastoral Counselors
Dr. Julie Parton (Pastoral Counselor under Karen’s Direction) 972-795-4854

Rev. Teresa Lusk (Pastoral Counselor under Karen’s Direction)  214-552-6470