Mike Weeks, LPC-Intern

Karen Lindwall-Bourg, LPC-Supervisor


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Mike completed his Masters of Art degree in Professional Counseling at Liberty University where his focus was on marriage and family counseling.  Mike also enjoys helping young people make vocational and educational decisions.  Mike worked at Sigma Counseling Services in Carrolton, TX during his internship where he was taught techniques for substance and alcohol abuse as well as physical and mental abuse of women and children.

Mike completed his Bachelor of Science in Communications Systems Management at Ohio University where he also played the euphonium in the Marching 110 for five years.




Mike was raised in the church.  From birth, he went to the Nelsonville Wesleyan Church, where he accepted the Lord as his savior at age 12 at a youth camp at Muskingum College.  During his college years Mike chose to walk away from his faith as he was convinced by courses about the history of the church and very persuasive professors that there was no God and everything he believed and was taught all his life was a lie.  This fact didn’t sit well with Mike and while he didn’t know if he believed, he certainly wouldn’t renounce his faith either.  After Mike met his wife, he began going back to church, and a quest for a greater faith began, going from Methodist, to Baptist, to finally a more Pentecostal church, Mike finally found what had been missing from his spiritual walk, a relationship.  Mike began to understand the grace of God and His love for him, and what he truly did by sending his son Jesus Christ.  Mike now attends Milestone Church in McKinney, TX where he serves as an usher and greeter.  Mike has served in previous churches as a children’s teacher, youth director, and VBS assistant and puppeteer.  




Mike was divorced this year to his bride of 15 years, but is trusting the Lord that he has good things in store for him and his future.   

Mike has three children from this marriage who he loves and adores and considers them his greatest blessing from God.    

Interesting Facts110

Mike marched in the Ohio University Marching 110 where he played for Hilary Clinton, met several stars including Matt Lauer, Emeril, Jerry Springer and others he’s sense forgotten the names of.  Mike played in three professional football games, marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and played in front of countless thousands of people.  Mike considers this one of the best times in his life. 

Mik20141217_224934_resizede has a dog that chases her tail on command. 

Mike’s favorite holiday is Christmas, but believes you cannot begin this season until after   you have had the Thanksgiving turkey, Mike’s second favorite holiday.  His dog also has to be Shae Deer, and she HATES THESE ANTLERS.  Ceasar Millan, where are you???