Ministering to Ministers at RHEMA

At RHEMA Counseling Associates, we realize that ministers and their families may be one of the most neglected people in the church. Ministers struggle and need help just like everyone else and yet those they care for are sometimes the hardest to reach out to because of the expectations they hold for their leaders. Paul Trip describes the responsibilities of the minster as a “Dangerous Calling”. Ministry impacts and at times damages the life of the pastor and his family.  So many in our leadership are suffering in silence because the church is not a safe place to struggle. Author, pastor, and grandson of Dr. Billy Graham, Tullian Tchividjian, challenges ministry followers with the Gospel implications inherent within ministry struggles and teaches how “the Gospel alone provides the safest context for pastors and their families to struggle without being suffocated by the clutches of shame.”

RHEMA Associates include 3 pastors and 5 other counselors and coaches dedicated to serving and supporting area ministers and their families in a way that reflects a Gospel mindset as all people within the ministry will play a part (by His grace), through the following services:

  1. Wise Biblical Counseling
  2. Collaborative Care – working with their concentric circles of influence (other ministry leaders and followers)
  3. Information through BLOGs and writings on related ministry subjects toward a deeper understanding of the particular stresses and temptations experienced by those in ministry ( )
  4. A commitment to PARTNER with The Center for Pastoral Life and Care


Bill Burns May 2014, ministering to ministers    Rickey hargrave, ministering to ministers  Jeff spindle, ministering to ministers

          Rev. Bill Burns                 Chaplain Rickey Hargrave             Rev. Jeff Spindle / /



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Connecting the transforming power of the Gospel
   to the heart, life, and ministry of the pastor…

“As pastors we must confess our daily need for everything we teach and preach to others.”
   – Paul Tripp, Executive Director

Pastors are in dire need of help!  It is our aim to serve them with effective Gospel-centered ministry so that God’s glory will not only abound in their sermons, but in their daily lives.

Mission Statement

The Center for Pastoral Life and Care exists to help pastors experience the transforming work of the Gospel in their own lives, producing greater continuity between public ministry and personal life, and a firmer commitment to personally submit to the ongoing ministry of the body of Christ.