Premarital Counseling Matters

Preparation for marriage is important!

Premarital counseling can make a difference by warning against and avoiding perils. It sets couples upon a path dependent upon the Lord.

engaged couple, premarital counseling

Put your marriage toward a God-honoring trajectory that will help you live more fruitfully and joyfully in marriage.


The threats to a biblical view and function of marriage seem to be increasing. We live in a world that devalues marriage. Premarital counseling can be helpful to get the right perspective before entering into the covenant of marriage. Counseling with your soon-to-be spouse will also give you tools for dealing with difficulties in the future. 


Let’s work together to prepare for marriages that bring God glory and honor. We want to nurture newly married couples through those early and challenging transitions. We also strive to renew and enhance and deepen seasoned marriages!


3 Program Options:

  • Twogether in Texas Program

  • Prepare-Enrich and Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis

  • Individualized Couples Counseling

    • Catching Foxes: A Gospel-Guided Journey to Marriage

    • Premarital Counseling: of Frogs and FantasyLand