Serving Military Families at RHEMA Counseling Associates

You and your family are important to us and to our country. We want to help by serving military families and those in service.

boots with camo bag and american flag, serving military families According to the United States Department of Defense, there are over 2 million reservists and family members and over 3 million active duty and family members for a total of about 6 million people affected by the military.

The struggles of military families can lead to alarming rates of increase of both suicide and divorce among military personnel. The face of the military has changed; for the first time a volunteer army is serving in a major combat zone, the level of reservists serving is unprecedented, the percentage of women soldiers in virtually all positions is unprecedented and most of the soldiers have left spouses and/or families behind.

Our Vision for Serving Military Families

We want to understand how the military works. We want to know what issues are constants for the military family, and what stressors are faced by the service member and the family. We tailor our interventions to work well with families who are in transition. Those who may have an ingrained resistance to asking for help and who will, more than likely, be available for counseling for a relatively short period of time.

Military Counseling

Military counseling at RHEMA Counseling Associates is helping service members and their families…

Counseling for Military Personnel

Military individuals seek treatment for a number of issues, many similar to what civilians seek treatment for – depression, anxiety, anger management, substance abuse, and others – all within the context of the demands placed on them within the military culture.

Because of a rising number of suicides in the military over the past years, we watch for signs of emotional distress and offer wise Biblical Counsel and education to focus on stress and anger management, and suicide awareness.

close up USA flag, serving military familiesWe help identify physical symptoms of stress (upset stomach, muscle aches, rapid heartbeat, headaches, sleep and eating disturbances), warning signs of uncontrolled anger (tight muscles, clenched jaws, racing heartbeats and shaky feelings), and demonstrate effective strategies to counter the effects of these stressors, such as relaxation and meditation techniques, time management strategies, exercise, or recommend more specialized counseling if problems persist.

Counseling for Military Families

If civilians are having marital problems or their children are experiencing emotional and behavioral concerns, those individuals are less likely to perform well on the job.

The same applies to military families, yet the stress placed on these families is so compelling and intense that it’s especially important for many or all family members to receive wise counsel.

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